Chocolate cures all!

I found a recipe somewhere online this week.  As is my habit, I pinned it so I could easily find it again.  It was  better than ok the night it was made.  It spent the night in the frig.  The next day we had a piece.  OMFG!  This is a wonderful cake!  And here I was doubting the ganache.  The ganache is  awesome.   We’ll definitely be saving this recipe and making it again.

It wasn’t overly sweet at first.  The tartness of  the yogurt cut the sweetness.  You couldn’t taste the yogurt the next day.  Even my weird kid, who is a hit or miss about cake loves it.  She prefers cookies, but this cake was better than a bag of double chocolate Milano cookies when you have your period  (American women will understand that reference!).

Look at this lovely picture the original blogger took:

It tastes as good as it looks – even better after a rough week or a bad day.

I hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend.  We’ve been vegetating.  We’re making easy meals and still haven’t gone grocery shopping… unless a trip to Family Dollar for ice cream and milk counts.

Tomorrow we play catch up – just what I didn’t want to do.