A Week of Sick

Unfortunately in my world, I never know what’s going to lay me up, or for how long.  This week was no exception.  I overdid it by having cooked carrots 2 days in a row without thinking about the fact that I ate them for 1 day and didn’t get sick… but this time a dose of food poisoning made things even more fun.  I will think twice about leftovers for now – especially condiments that you think taste fine and should be ok.

Today I am sitting up, awake, and moving around more than I have been, which isn’t much.  I made the stupid mistake of getting out of my sick-bed Wednesday and almost passed out in the shower, thus scaring the crap out of myself and my daughter!  My fever seems to have broken finally.  I have managed to eat some solid food and I’m not queasy – so that’s good news for me since I thought I’d end up in the ER with how I was feeling earlier in the week.

Through the midst of all this, my daughter is getting her schoolwork done – and more of it without any help or input from me, since I seem to have slept through some things this week.  Not only that, but my daughter has been a wonderful nurse keeping me stocked with liquids on my bedside table and getting me to eat  yogurt too.

In fun news, I managed to piss off one of my seniors who suddenly stopped talking to me without any warning as I was sitting across from her the other day.  I dragged myself out of my sick-bed Wednesday morning so my daughter could do her weekly chore of helping this senior with her grocery shopping, since she is vision impaired and it makes the senior’s life easier.  We’ve become friends over the course of this, but the friendship is slowly fading due to one-sidedness and some inconsiderate comments, statements, and events – not on my part since I have bit my tongue through it all and so has my daughter – who was very annoyed and irate some weeks.

I have no clue what pissed off Betty and considering how sick I was the other day (I had no energy, could barely walk, and rode a scooter in the market), Betty will have to grow up and act all of her 88 years, or go back to grocery shopping with a magnifying glass.  Her behavior was rude.  If this woman knew how much she has said or done to offend my daughter and myself, she’d be shocked… but she’s too clueless to notice or care.  She has apologized for some of the stupidest things over the past few years… things that didn’t even warrant an apology – like buying my daughter candy – and it’s not like my daughter gets paid to help Betty every week.  But the past few months Betty has started paying my daughter a dollar a week instead of buying her candy.  I know my daughter likes candy, and a dollar isn’t much, but to my daughter, a dollar is something, especially for a few hours of work every week.

In fun school news, history the other day included my daughter having to build the Parthenon, color and decorate it, take a picture of it, and submit it. You got extra credit for including people.  So the Parthenon was printed out, cut, taped together, colored to look like it was on fire with flames going up all around the building.  Then the ancient Greeks surrounded it for their share of extra credit – a stuffed rat, a tiny piggy bank, R2D2, and a little ceramic owl.

It has now been proven that as long as the assignment is submitted, it doesn’t matter if you followed the directions given, or not, as long as it’s submitted.  Why do I say this?  Well for starters, my daughter wrote in black all over the walls and roof of the Parthenon, “I do not like this!,” which seems to be her reoccurring theme in this class when arts and crafts and tying knots in rope is part of the assignment… but she got her grade on this project today – 100!  Plus in class today the teacher was discussing the project and how she loved some of them and up comes the pic of my daughter’s with the teacher complimenting her!  My daughter wanted to ask her if she could see clearly and I told her to shut up about it.  My daughter was also the only student to include people with her building.

I can’t wait to see what they think of my daughter’s latest submission of an Etruscan archway!  Personally, I am considering actually setting fire to one of the next projects and then taking a picture to submit.  Care to bet that it still gets a grade of 100?  My daughter is so lucky cause I would’ve gotten a serious beating for that kind of work – but in this case, I think it’s going to keep the class interesting in a warped sort of way.


Week 3

I am so beyond frustrated and stressed right now, that it’s more than I can deal with.

Online virtual schooling has never been like this for us.  It’s a great education, but it’s fraught with miscommunication, falsehoods, disorganization, more work than necessary in a day in some classes, and such screw ups, that it’s going to go sooner than I thought.

I had said I would give them 2 more weeks to get their shit together.  I don’t think I can make it through the week!  It’s affecting my health and I am stressed and feeling sick.  I need to be avoiding stress, not making or getting more of it.

It’s now week 3.  My kid still can’t log into Spanish.  She still hasn’t received the necessary books & supplies that teachers are referring to.  I’ve inquired about both, but still no answers to either.

There were also tests to be taken in reading, math, and grammar/writing.  We’re used to Scantron testing.  It’s so the school can judge if you’re showing improvement and how you’ll do on the annual state tests.  There’s also a test for science that they first said only 5th & 8th graders needed to take.  That surprised me since science is also tested once you reach 5th grade in Colorado.  Guess what?  For week 3 they finally realized what I asked them.  My kid now has until Thursday to take this science test.

There’s 4 core classes.  Students should be prepared to devote 90 minutes a day to their core classes.  There’s one elective, Spanish, which gets 30 minutes a day.  According to the Spanish teacher, you work on her class for 60 minutes a day.  It was the same with the digital art class my daughter attempted the first week of school.  Who came up with 30 minutes?  I can’t get a straight answer from anyone about this.

Science, math, and language arts give assignments.  However long they take, they take.  I timed things yesterday – an hour or less, except for the language arts assignment my daughter couldn’t complete.  We’re still waiting to hear back from that twit of a teacher.  We still have no clue about the actual workload for Spanish.

History gives you 90 minutes of work in the teacher’s realm.  It’s really more than that in a kid’s world.  You start off with a 15 minute recording.  That 15 minute recording actually takes 45 minutes and has sub assignments in it, as well as explanations to other assignments.  That leaves you 45 minutes to complete the rest of the day’s assignment, which is usually 4 things.  We gave up after an hour yesterday.  What that woman can assign as just one part of the day’s assignment is something a brick and mortar teacher would assign for a semester, or quarter, or maybe the end of the week type thing.  Everytime my daughter emails this teacher asking for clarification of a day’s assignment, she’s told not to worry about it, it’s for the end of the quarter.  Really?  Then tell them that before they waste time trying to understand what they need to do… and she still hasn’t explained the assignment like my kid asked.  My kid can ask or say 4 things in 4 sentences in 1 email.  One thing gets answered.  It’s just like dealing with my kid, who not only has dyslexia, but ADHD as well, among other disabilities.

This woman wants the kids to draw a 4 or 5 panel comic strip.  Not with pencil – use color!  Or use Powerpoint!  Really?  I don’t have Powerpoint on my ‘puter, nor is it on the school’s craptop.  I am not learning or teaching myself or the kid Powerpoint for 1 teacher, nor am I buying the software!  This woman is lucky I haven’t emailed or called her yet.  I have come close, but I won’t be tactful, so I haven’t done it YET.  It’s gotten to the point that I’ve told my daughter to ignore part of the assignment and just let the teacher know.  I quite frankly don’t give much of a fuck about ancient Greek civilization at my age.  This was the first thing I taught my daughter for history back when she was 7, not that she remembers it.

Part of yesterday’s assignment was to ask a question about something she had to look at – a picture.  She had no questions about it.  She ended up posing the question, “Why do I have to ask a question about something I don’t have a question about?”  That was submitted as part of her schoolwork with my blessings.  It’s a lot nicer than what I would have asked!

If you want kids to remain interested, let them explore and give them time to explore on their own.  This school is not even leaving enough time for us to get through the day and have dinner at a normal hour anymore!

They tell the kids to take breaks.  Really?  You have her doing about 7 hours of schoolwork every day.  Even a brick and mortar school doesn’t have them do that much actual work in a day!

The school stressed how the schedule was flexible.  Really?  How?  Each day there’s a class in 1 of your subjects, and 1 day also has advisement, which we won’t be bothering with anymore.  Everyday you have assignments in every class.  These must be complete and submitted by Friday of that week.  You can miss a class, but if you do, you must watch a recording of the class and provide a summary to the teacher, or do some other extra work to prove you watched the recording.

My daughter got sick on Thursday.  She did her Thursday class and slept most of the day after that.  So how flexible was the school?  We stayed home for the weekend catching up on the week’s assignments!

I am burned out after 3 weeks.  This usual takes me about 6 months and that’s when I’m schooling on my own.  I wake up earlier than my daughter, so I can have some me time and coffee before I have to wake her up.  I wake her up early enough that she has time to be functioning and have breakfast before her class.  If class is at 9 a.m., I am waking up around 7 now.  I’m used to waking up between 8 and 9.  With staying up late, and waking up early, I actually slept til 11 the other morning.  I can’t tell you the last time I slept that late.  My daughter slept past noon!

This shit gotta go or someone has got to get a clue.  I know I am not the only parent with issues, nor is my child the only one with issues.  I am done communicating through the local school or teachers.  I now want to go to the actual school office in Maryland, or wherever it is and let them know what’s going on!  Schools should be organized and have good communication.  Students AND parents should not be stressed like this.  If the teachers don’t know how to run a class, or are new to online schooling, they need orientation, just like parents and students had to sit through.  If administrators don’t have the facts, or answers, they need to get them PRONTO!  I see this school losing families within the next month at the rate the shit is flying.

How Dumb Can We Go? Part Two

This is part two of dealing with stupid friend.  Read the previous long winded blog post to see what started this nonsense.

This is one of many links about dino, as I like to call him.  His real name is D-Rex, and I had never heard of it until this mess.  I didn’t realize how much he sold for new years ago.


So after telling the dumb twit:

“In order for them to bill you, you have to set up an account – which doesn’t cost anything. I have mine set up on myups.com and it alerts me when I’m getting a package delivered – quite handy when you weren’t expecting a delivery! After you set up an account, I’ll need your account number to have the shipment set to bill you. I’ll put in a check in the box to cover $25 of the shipping costs.”

I got a message back:

“How do I find my account number?”

Since I’m in the US and they’re in Canada, it’s 2 different UPS sites.  After waiting a week to respond, otherwise I would have just told her to fuck off right then and there… I responded with:

“You need to create an account number. Canada’s website and the US site are different – but there should be a link somewhere to create an actual account number to use for shipping and billing with UPS. I can’t have UPS bill you without you signing up for an account. The only option is to wait another month until I have more cash and I’ll just pay the $38. I really would like this box gone already as it’s bigger than I expected and taking up space here. If you get the account set up for UPS to bill you, I’ll put in a check for $25 to cover partial shipping.”

That was about as polite as I can be at this point.  I really want to ask them WTF kind of drugs they’re on… and for someone who once told me they don’t check Facebook often, that I was better off emailing them, they’re mighty quick now to respond to my messages on Facebook!  The next stupid message was:

“The only option the site gives me to setup a numbered shipping account is if I use a credit card (which we don’t have) … I have no other option than tohave you ship it cod by mail or wait till next month”

At this point, I just cannot respond to her, unless it’s to tell her she’s a fucking idiot!  I went on the Canadian UPS site, and using one of my email addresses and all of her info, I created an account for her within minutes.  I have yet to tell her – and will be changing the account over to her email address before doing so.  I want to see if I can send dino COD to her and be done with this bullshit.

How do people claim to be so darn intelligent and then disprove this in a matter of seconds?  I guess those who have to brag about how smart they, or their children are, need to prove it to themselves.  I may be smart, but I don’t need to broadcast it.  I always can learn more and I don’t know everything.  I also have my dumb moments and tend to call myself an asshole at least once a day!  This person is obviously a bigger asshole than I am!

So we went from needing dino ASAP just a week and a half ago, to now it’s ok to wait another month.  Sure it is… and you know what?  Bitch that I am, I am going to asking her to send me the $13 difference for shipping since I only planned on paying $25ish on shipping in the first place!  Care to see how long that delays things?

If I had an extra $20 on me, I would be sending this idiot their original $45 back to them and telling them to have a nice life.  Now I’m trying to decide how to handle things.

I was asked to pick up some cheap American flags to send them in the box, which I did.  That only set me back about $2.50.  I saw something cute months ago and bought it for the baby.  I was going to include that in the box for the baby’s birthday in October.  I am tempted to send nothing but dino.  Actually, I would like to send nothing at this point… but they were nice and sent my daughter a very generous gift (as they worded it – it’s a gift).  They also sent me a memory card in the second shipment with the long awaited money order that I forgot all about – but it took her so long to do that, that I had already bought 2 really cheap ones by that time, and didn’t need hers.

I also neglected to mention that this darling person had the balls to ask me to include some baked treats for her man.  This was in response to, “Do you want anything from the States?”  That and American flags.  Kiss my ass bitch!  If the flags weren’t so shitty, I wouldn’t send them either… but the dollar store really outdid themselves this year!

So what would you do in this situation?  You bought something for someone and they paid you back for it.  You now need to ship it to them and told them it would be a few months.  You had said you would pay for all or part of the shipping, depending on how much it would cost.  UPS is the cheapest way to ship at $38.  The post office is about $48.  FexEx would cost about $52.  The friend ignored your email from months ago, and also a few Facebook posts of late, and now is acting all weird and shitty with you, thinking you wouldn’t notice.  You have to be phony to deal with this person and it’s beginning to seriously get to you.

Anyone want to buy a D-Rex?  That is really tempting to go re-sell him on Ebay.  I do have a credit on sellers’ fees, so that wouldn’t cost me anything.   Well, dang!  I just checked ebay… this is very tempting!


Now for the drumroll… tat a ta ta ta… I recently learned that not only is idiot friend’s man a recovering alcoholic, but so it she!  Really?  It sure sounds like she fell on her head off that wagon!

Thanks for… – Part One

Stupid me did someone a favor.  I now seriously regret it.  They did something nice for my daughter that saved me money by sending my daughter a Nintendo DS and some games they weren’t using anymore.  I offered to pay for it.  They said I could pay for shipping.  Well when that came around, they didn’t want money for shipping.

There was some remote control dinosaur on Ebay that they wanted and needed someone in the US to get for them.  They wanted it for their less than year old son.  No rush to ship it to them.  The seller only shipped to the US, and they lived in Canada.  Okay, so dumbass me offers to do it if they pay me back part or all of the purchase price.  Okay.  I tell them I’ll pay for shipping and they can repay me for the dino, which ended up setting me back some $45 dollars and change.  I figured shipping to Canada can’t be that bad, right?  Fuck me!

Let’s start with getting repaid the $45 took longer than it should have, which set me back with my electric & gas bill that I was finally current on.  I can deal with the late charges, but I hate being lied to.  I had told them from the get go that it will take a few months before dino gets shipped to them after I saw it was going to cost about $25 to ship him to Canada.

I get an email asking me if I got the package with the money order in it yet since they bought the money order about a week earlier.  Nope, not yet, and it takes about a week from Canada I would think.  Days go by and now I’m starting to panic.  My mail service sucks so bad.  If my regular mailman has the day off or is on vacation, I am fucked royally.  The package wasn’t sent delivery confirmation like I asked it to be, or expected it to be.  Oh boy…

The package finally arrives about a week later.  Let’s start with that it wasn’t mailed out until the day I was first asked if I received it.  I hate shit like that.  Don’t tell me something was done when it wasn’t.  Just be honest about it.  I can do without the stress and extra bullshit in my life.  For those that are that stupid, when you buy postage at the post office, it has a date on it.

When dino arrived, he came in a huge box.  A lot bigger than I was expecting.  He is still sitting in his original box in my living room.  I opened the box to see if he worked, which he did partially.  I fixed the problem somewhat – batteries rotted and leaked in the compartment to the remote.  I cleaned that up and popped in batteries.  He works.  I found a bunch of links on how the dino works and emailed them to this supposed friend.  Plus I need to look and see why dino wasn’t working and how to fix him.  I didn’t know dino was sent to me with batteries in him, or where they were even located.

I asked if the friends if they wanted anything from the states while I was saving up money to ship dino to them.  I picked up something they asked for, and had already ordered a gift for their baby.  The gift arrived before the dino did.  I was going to send it separate, but after pricing shipping… it can go with dino and won’t affect the weight.  The baby will be turning a year old in another month, or so, so I figured this was perfect timing now that I learned how expensive it is to ship something to Canada, unless it’s a letter, or something small.  Plus you have to file extra paperwork to send a big box to Canada.  Fuck me!

So here dino sits.  I have $25 and a dollar or two extra and am ready to get him out of my living room!  I get a message from the friend on Facebook.  It’s an odd sounding, full of shit sounding, email.  Mind you, I emailed them months ago and never heard back.  They’ve always been slow to respond to me.  First there was the excuse they don’t go on Facebook often, so email them.  Then I got an excuse the other day about them and their email.  Well I wish they’d be consistent in their bullshit stories.  I also wish I had known what I was in for before I offered to do this favor for them that has me put out in more ways than I care.

The odd message was inquiring about dino and me sending him.  They might be out of town the end of this month and didn’t want to miss delivery of dino.  Really?  None of the usual chit chat, and a few of my Facebook posts on her wall have been ignored the past month or two.  Now who in their right mind is just going to ship a package to Canada without alerting the receiver the package is on the way?  Especially after 2 months?  If you want to know what’s going on, just ask.  I already explained I am beyond broke – and the heat wave hasn’t helped since my electric & gas bills the past 3 months are higher than what I pay to heat my home in the Winter!  I’ve never had bills so high – and I’ve been trying to conserve, only to watch my bill go up even more!

I let this friend know they had good timing.  I have about $25 put aside for shipping – which I really did, and dino was going out within the week.  UPS is cheaper by $20 than the US postal service.  Go figure!  Both will pick up from my home, so I’m going with UPS for less money.  Well when I finally plug in all the info, I find that UPS is going to charge me about $12 for taxes, fees, and a pick up charge.  No can do!  Next month, I can swing the extra $12.  It will put me in a bit of a hole, but I live in a hole and will find a way to manage.  The kid needs a coat and boots for the winter… it will wait another month or two.  I want dino gone!  I hate having this big box rotting in my living room.

I find out that UPS will bill the receiver.  Not a problem was their response.  I figure I’ll put a check for $25 in the box along with a card for the baby’s birthday to go with his gift.  They just need to set up a UPS account.  I let them know.  I get another message that I have chosen to ignore, because I just cannot be nice and polite.  How fucking stupid are some people?  I have a kid who can figure this shit out and she has several learning disabilities.  Are you on drugs, or what?  They want to know how to get an account number?

So dino is on rot in my living room until next month.   I will pay the extra to ship him and be done with this shit.  This is a reminder why sometimes it’s best to sit back and shut up… but on top of all this nonsense, it was learned that this friend is also a distant cousin to my daughter – and I felt that I owed them something for sending my daughter the DS and games.  Plus the money order came in a box with a couple of more games for her.

So how would you have handled this nonsense?  I know I expect too much from people.  I like to treat people how they treat me until they treat me otherwise.  It’s now otherwise!

In reality, I would love to send these people their $45 back and just sell the dino on Ebay and be done with it all!  Even my daughter has said the same.  However, that’s not my nature and they already paid me back for the Ebay purchase.

I am not good at being phony.  I am not good at biting my tongue.  However, I am doing my best and adding it all to my learning lessons from this experience and cannot wait to write this person out of my life!  Don’t lie to me.  Not once.  You will lose my trust.  Do it twice and you can kiss my ass and have a nice life!

Hump this!

After being sick for a few days, I wake up today, and look at the balcony door to scope the parking lot and sunshine.

A strange car pulls up in front on my building.  There’s a chubby, older, blonde woman alone in the car.  She pulls out something blue and reaches through the top of her shirt by her boob.  Huh?  She does it again on the other side.  WTF is she doing?  She’s putting on deodorant!

If this is a sign of how my day is going to be, I’d have to say it’s going to be a weird one!

Monday wasn’t so terrible.  It was English class.  The only problem with that was the teacher logging in at the exact second unprepared to run the class.  That wasted 10 minutes of a 30 minute class.  The class covered some of what it should have covered last week, and everything else was a waste of time.

Tuesday was Math, and a bit more stressful, but not due to the subject, teacher, or the class.  I am having a problem getting the kid to do her work without taking long breaks, or playing online.  Plus her chores are not getting done – unloading, and usually loading the dishwasher.  I don’t mind if she doesn’t get to her chores, if she’s truly devoting herself to school work.  However, if she has time to take a long break during the day to chat online with her friends… hell, no!  This is why I can’t leave her home alone – or leave her alone in a room for the entire time when she should be doing school work.  It’s fine if she’s on the craptop – she doesn’t have any software on there, other than being able to chat on Facebook, or listen to music.  If she’s on my computer, it’s a problem.

Today is Advisement and Spanish.  Advisement is with the same twit who teaches the English class.  I expect it to be a total waste of time – plus once again, the time of the class was changed.  The kid might end up missing the class, or most of it, when she goes back to her volunteer work.  We took off this week, and probably will next week, to get into the swing of things with school.  Plus we’ve been showing up, and our handicapped seniors haven’t been!  And quite frankly, we both need a break from one who is getting very cranky, and getting on our nerves.

Spanish was the class change request we put in on Friday.  The kid can’t log in to the lessons still, even though I’ve asked about her class info.  I figure today she can ask the Spanish teacher.  If she can’t get an answer in that class, she can ask an hour later in Advisement and stress out the twit more than she already is.

I am done going nuts with this shit.  Either the teachers, who get paid to do this shit, can actually do their jobs, or it’s not going to happen in my world.  If my kid can’t do an assignment because a teacher didn’t post the links, or worksheet, so be it.  If my kid can’t log in, so be it.  The kid will have to contact the teacher.  If the teachers don’t answer my kid’s emails, then we’ll have a problem.

I am spending more time with these school lessons and problems than I did when I actually taught my daughter on my own.  It’s not clear where to find the lesson, or what the lesson is, in some cases.  The lesson says one thing, but you have to ignore that part. Huh?  Being a new job for some of these teachers, they have no clue what they’re doing, are bogged down, and stressed.  They should have all taken an orientation class and been told to see what they are assigning their students to do, from the students’ point of view.

So far History is going to be the problem class.  As much as it’s interesting, it’s the most work.  This teacher is requiring too much from the kids too soon.  One third of yesterday’s assignment was to either create a Powerpoint presentation (Sure, just teach my kid Powerpoint!), or create a 3 panel triptych on posterboard, scan it and send it to the teacher.  Really?  First off, it took me a few to realize what a triptych was, cause it’s been that long since I dealt with AAA.  Next, what she wants made no sense.  So I had the kid email her and tell her that this assignment made no sense to her, and was way over her head.

We’ll see what we’re in for.  History doesn’t meet until Friday.  Today the Science teacher sent out an email apologizing for the amount of work the kids were assigned.  Yesterday was the English teacher’s turn.  Why?  Because none of them are looking to see exactly what they are having the kids do!

There are pretests in all the subjects.  If you do good, you have little to no work to do.  If you screw up, you have a ton of work to do in a week!  I don’t know how my kid managed – but other than math, she’s done with it.  For that matter, she did most of her work for the week in English and Science.

Today we’ll find out what we’re in for with Spanish.  Expecting a child to log into class and introduce themselves in Spanish to the class seems a bit much the first class.  But that’s what this teacher did last week.  It looks like I’ll have some serious coaching to do in Spanish.  What the heck!  I need a good refresher coarse.


The kid and I were planning an outing to a museum today, until the kid realized she wouldn’t be able to sleep late.  It’s just as well, cause the kid kept me up past my bedtime last night being goofy and giggly.   I’m going to enjoy my silly moments with my daughter as long as I can.  After all, it’s only a matter of time before she ditches me for her own life and friends, and realizes it’s not cool among her peers to have a good relationship with a parent.

I was so overtired and didn’t get to sleep til around 2, and the same for the kid.  I woke up early, at around 7:30.  The kid got her wish and got to sleep in.

The phone ringing at 9:30 didn’t phase the kid in the least – it phased me plenty and I was already awake.  I didn’t recognize the name or number, and didn’t bother answering it.  That’s my ‘tude.  In general I despise the telephone, unless it’s a friend calling to chat vs. a someone calling in need of a favor.  If anyone calling has a real reason for calling and I don’t answer, they can leave voice mail.

The caller left voice mail.  It was the language arts teacher/advisor.  I can already tell that we are going to have issues this school year.   First off, her message referred to me as “Mrs.,” and I am no longer a Mrs., nor do I use the same last name as my daughter anymore.  That tells me you’re not paying attention to anything.  Next, I’ve already had several emails back and forth with this bitch, er, I mean teacher, and while I used the salutation of Mrs. with her (funny how I can call the principal by his first name, but he’s sincere, and seems to be down to earth – same with the school liaison), I signed off with my first and last name in my emails, or just my first name.  Her voice mail was not it’s “so and so” calling.  Her message was it’s “Mrs. Bitch” calling.  Fuck that shit!  I’m not returning her call.  I’m going to chillax and not be bothered until Monday.

The kid is cooking Sunday dinner tomorrow.  I made a nice dinner today, and boy, did that come out good!  I marinated bone in, skin on, chicken breasts in  yogurt, lemon juice, herbs, garlic, etc., and let it marinate for over a day in the frig.  It picked up such great flavors.  It also helps that a while back I bought a really cheap (from China) digital thermometer, and I have been using it.  No more guesswork or dry chicken.  I made toasted orzo in chicken broth to go with the chicken.  The kid bugged me to buy fresh spinach for a recipe she wanted to make, garlic lemon spinach.  I ended up making that to round off the dinner, and it all came together perfect.

Tomorrow the kid is making smothered skirt steak.   It’s a recipe she found in one of my numerous cookbooks.  It’s an easy enough recipe that she can handle it.  I’m surprised that I never bothered to look for a recipe for skirt steak in my lifetime!  I either season it and cook it, or I make up a marinade for it and cook it.  Smart kid!  I’m looking forward to her dinner, especially since we don’t buy much beef anymore.  I hope she doesn’t make me clean up her mess… but if she needs me to, I’ll play sous chef and get her mise en place set up for her.


It’s been a long time since I can say that I was grateful for it to be Friday.  When you homeschool on your own, or are a stay at home parent, or both, it’s the same shit, different day… and if you’re lucky you can sleep late on some days.

All I wanted today was to sleep past 8 a.m.  I woke up at 7:15!  Bad sign of things to come #1.

The kid has her first meeting with the digital art teacher and class at noon.  At 12:30 she has a history class.  At 2 p.m. she has an orientation class with her advisor, who also (unfortunately!) happens to be the math teacher as well.

First thing to go wrong – the art teacher is not on time for class and starts late.  My daughter had already sent him a message to let him know she was leaving his class to make her next class by 12:30.  The kid was looking forward to this class.  When forced to only pick one elective, she chose this class over Spanish.

What was accomplished in art?  The teacher, the only male teacher the kid has for any class, did nothing but talk about himself.  He talked about all the classes he teaches, and how he sells his art.  He offered to teach the kids tips and tricks to make money selling their art later on in the school year.

The guy couldn’t get the class software to work right.  He couldn’t keep my kid’s attention – rather odd for an art class.  As I sat in my room, I could hear my daughter talking to, mumbling to, complaining to, and finally, yelling at the craptop!   Ten minutes of this and 2 warnings to the teacher from my daughter and another student that they had history and had to leave… my daughter asked me if she could leave the class FOREVER and get in Spanish instead.  My response?  “Sure, just say goodbye first, and I’ll see if you can get in Spanish.”

It’s pretty hard to turn my daughter off to you in 20 minutes.  It’s pretty hard to lose my daughter’s interest in anything pertaining to art.  Oh well – I wanted her in Spanish anyhow, and now she will be.

Next was Science.  That was fabulous!  The teacher was fabulous!  It was the first class where it was actually about the subject being taught!  I was in earshot for a bit to hear the teacher interact with the class.  Damn!  She’s good!  My daughter is so excited for history.  So am I!

Now we had some issues today we shouldn’t have had.  The language arts teacher still has not responded to my daughter’s email from over 2 days ago.  She paged her knowing she’d be online today.  Still no response.  The kid can’t get her assignments done that are due today, and the teacher isn’t available.  Okay… time to calm down and politely compose an email that let people know I was pissed and not putting up with this shit.  The kid also hasn’t heard back from the math teacher from over a day ago.  Luckily, I was able to do a process of elimination, and figure out what the assignment was and that was started.

I have since received a few apologetic emails from the school principal and liaison.  Still no emails from the teachers.  I tell them my kid is NOT doing the LA assignment since she can’t, and she had better not get her grade lowered for being late with the assignment.

My kid did part of her language arts assignment that she could do.   I have to say I’m proud of her.  She did a great job with no help from me.  I didn’t even know what she was doing, or that she had done it!

Now for the math.  I was in the kitchen making dinner and I hear this obnoxious cartoon sounding thing explaining what my kid needs to be doing and how.  WTF?  I sit down and watch it, and again, WTF?  My kid is so confused, it’s not funny.  I have a duh moment from over 40 years ago and remember what she’s being taught.  I remember how I was taught it and explain it to the kid.  She picked it up in seconds, and not only finished that part of the lesson, but took a quiz and made no errors!

We finally wrap up math for today at 6 and sit down for dinner together.  After some quality time and TV watching, I am in bed and ready to crap out.  The phone brings me back to earth.  It was the math teacher calling from Georgia – 2 hours later in her time zone.

I am impressed.  The teacher not only called to apologize for all the confusion this week, but also to apologize for not getting back to my kid, let alone in a timely fashion.  She told us to NOT do the math assignment for now if we don’t want to.  BUT if the kid gets the assignment done within the first quarter, the teacher will be marking it as an extra credit assignment and give my kid 100 on it, even if she has wrong answers.  She’s not going to check her answers!  Hell, yeah!

As for the LA teacher… still nothing from her and we remembered about her class after it had already ended, so the kid missed it – and quite frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn!  It’s a shame we can’t change teachers or advisors.  We’re stuck with this teacher and she is NOT going to be very happy having to deal with me this year.

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