Educating Mudder

Life changes forced me to raise my daughter on my own.  Our horrible school district, and my daughter’s numerous learning disabilities,  means we home school.   We’ve been doing it in some form or another for 7 years now.  Once again we’re trying a virtual online charter school… anything is better than dealing with the local K12 online school we were once affiliated with for far too many years.

Our favorite classroom is the kitchen.  We love cooking AND eating what we cook or bake.  This is my stress buster and I do it in some form on a daily basis.  It’s done best when I can tune out the world while listening to my MP3 player.  Luckily my daughter has an appreciation for my cooking, and learning to cook on her own.  She’s always willing to try something new at least once.  We do a lot of travelling – but not physically – we travel to other countries and places via food.  If there is something I can easily make from scratch vs. buy with a bunch of additives, I’m making it from scratch!

Science experiments, reading books you like vs. ones you don’t,  and museum trips are the best when you home school on your own.  Now we have to adjust our schedules and lives for daily online classes.  But, in the end, I think it will be worth it.  My daughter will get a break from me – and I might not pull out all of my hair before this is all over with!


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