A Week of Sick

Unfortunately in my world, I never know what’s going to lay me up, or for how long.  This week was no exception.  I overdid it by having cooked carrots 2 days in a row without thinking about the fact that I ate them for 1 day and didn’t get sick… but this time a dose of food poisoning made things even more fun.  I will think twice about leftovers for now – especially condiments that you think taste fine and should be ok.

Today I am sitting up, awake, and moving around more than I have been, which isn’t much.  I made the stupid mistake of getting out of my sick-bed Wednesday and almost passed out in the shower, thus scaring the crap out of myself and my daughter!  My fever seems to have broken finally.  I have managed to eat some solid food and I’m not queasy – so that’s good news for me since I thought I’d end up in the ER with how I was feeling earlier in the week.

Through the midst of all this, my daughter is getting her schoolwork done – and more of it without any help or input from me, since I seem to have slept through some things this week.  Not only that, but my daughter has been a wonderful nurse keeping me stocked with liquids on my bedside table and getting me to eat  yogurt too.

In fun news, I managed to piss off one of my seniors who suddenly stopped talking to me without any warning as I was sitting across from her the other day.  I dragged myself out of my sick-bed Wednesday morning so my daughter could do her weekly chore of helping this senior with her grocery shopping, since she is vision impaired and it makes the senior’s life easier.  We’ve become friends over the course of this, but the friendship is slowly fading due to one-sidedness and some inconsiderate comments, statements, and events – not on my part since I have bit my tongue through it all and so has my daughter – who was very annoyed and irate some weeks.

I have no clue what pissed off Betty and considering how sick I was the other day (I had no energy, could barely walk, and rode a scooter in the market), Betty will have to grow up and act all of her 88 years, or go back to grocery shopping with a magnifying glass.  Her behavior was rude.  If this woman knew how much she has said or done to offend my daughter and myself, she’d be shocked… but she’s too clueless to notice or care.  She has apologized for some of the stupidest things over the past few years… things that didn’t even warrant an apology – like buying my daughter candy – and it’s not like my daughter gets paid to help Betty every week.  But the past few months Betty has started paying my daughter a dollar a week instead of buying her candy.  I know my daughter likes candy, and a dollar isn’t much, but to my daughter, a dollar is something, especially for a few hours of work every week.

In fun school news, history the other day included my daughter having to build the Parthenon, color and decorate it, take a picture of it, and submit it. You got extra credit for including people.  So the Parthenon was printed out, cut, taped together, colored to look like it was on fire with flames going up all around the building.  Then the ancient Greeks surrounded it for their share of extra credit – a stuffed rat, a tiny piggy bank, R2D2, and a little ceramic owl.

It has now been proven that as long as the assignment is submitted, it doesn’t matter if you followed the directions given, or not, as long as it’s submitted.  Why do I say this?  Well for starters, my daughter wrote in black all over the walls and roof of the Parthenon, “I do not like this!,” which seems to be her reoccurring theme in this class when arts and crafts and tying knots in rope is part of the assignment… but she got her grade on this project today – 100!  Plus in class today the teacher was discussing the project and how she loved some of them and up comes the pic of my daughter’s with the teacher complimenting her!  My daughter wanted to ask her if she could see clearly and I told her to shut up about it.  My daughter was also the only student to include people with her building.

I can’t wait to see what they think of my daughter’s latest submission of an Etruscan archway!  Personally, I am considering actually setting fire to one of the next projects and then taking a picture to submit.  Care to bet that it still gets a grade of 100?  My daughter is so lucky cause I would’ve gotten a serious beating for that kind of work – but in this case, I think it’s going to keep the class interesting in a warped sort of way.