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We have been having a go round with the Science teacher ever since the waste of an advisor let her know I had issues that I didn’t have.  I have listened to this teacher in her online class.  She is not warm and fuzzy.  That’s fine.  She’s not empathetic.  Okay.  But I cannot tolerate someone coming off rude and snotty to an entire group of their students. My daughter has had reason to email the teacher, or type to her in the online class.  Half the time the questions are ignored, or not correctly answered.  In class after asking a simple question, my daughter’s head was chewed up and spit out by the dragon lady.

Last week I had to email this teacher because her link to an external website was not working.  The kids have a lot of work on external websites.  It was rather easy for me to Google the website and get to it.  I heard back from the teacher hours later with her wanting to know what links didn’t work.  I let her know.  Her response to my email once again showed me that she has a reading comprehension problem.  She has no clue what she’s assigning these kids to work.  I highly doubt she’s ever checked out any of these websites to see how they even work!  Further proof of that came from her ignoring that I pointed out to her that she neglected to send the login info to this website like she stated she would do.

So just how was I able to log in?  This teacher is very predictable and uses the same passwords for everything.  I figured out the login id and the first password I typed in worked.  My daughter even asked her in class how to change the password on the site.  It’s not possible on a student account and the teacher still doesn’t realize this.  I am not giving her that clue – she’s on her own after my latest email to her.  I shouldn’t have to do what I just did to show her the problems.

We start off with last week.  My daughter got a zero as a grade on an assignment that not only wasn’t due yet, but it wasn’t on the checklist or content for the week.  The only reason I figured it out was because I looked under grades and saw it there.  This got me annoyed with my daughter thinking she wasn’t following things as she should be.  Nope, it was another science teacher screw up.

The teacher sent the following email out to my daughter last week.  This is one of two.  The other was resolved when the teacher sent back another response saying she has the work now.  As a side note, I am not editing any typos (school links, names, and titles have been removed or replaced):

“I ahve not received your brainpop- cell specialization. Please complete.”

To which my daughter replied back via email:

“I already did this.  Are my assignments missing because of the glitches?”

There was a nice glitch on one of the external websites.  It cleared out all the assignments for the week AND cleared out any of the completed work as well.  What’s the meaning of that?  All the kids have to redo the work they already did.   So the teacher writes back with:

“No, that is Science Fusion.

I received the brainpop on Cellular Respiriation on 9/13, but I never received this brainpop on cell specialization. Please do this.”

I know for a fact that the kid already did this assignment and not only did I witness her send it off to the teacher, but it’s one of the assignments we had an argument about because it was one of the ones the kid was graded a zero on.  Why?  Because instead of having everything set to a deadline of 5 pm or later, she has it all set for 6 am on the day it’s due.  Being that she’s in Florida, my daughter is screwed at 4 am our time!  Plus all the work is supposed to have a Friday deadline.  But I am not going to deal with this when it comes to this teacher.  I don’t think  she’d comprehend it.

So after the latest response, I have the kid redo both assignments.  For Brainpop assignments after you take the quiz you are directed to a page that you type in the teacher’s email address and your name, the class is optional.  Nice and simple – just 3 lines and hit send.  Well I typed it out this time and added after my daughter’s name “My mom witnessed me taking this for a second time!”  I did pretty much the same for the class.  There is no arguing about it this time.  Now it’s time for me to deal with this teacher AGAIN!  I shoot back a response to her via my daughter’s school email:

“This is ABC’s mother.  Can you kindly give us a direct link to this Brainpop?  I have helped ABC try and find this assignment twice now.  I believe this is the same one she emailed you about last week because she couldn’t find it.  It’s hard enough to find a working link to the correct site.

If you don’t give links to what you want them to do, not only does it make it harder for them to find it – but in this case, it can’t be found.  The kids have to log in and hunt.”

Well since she failed reading comprehension and obviously has never logged in to the site to see what it’s like, nor has she ever checked the links she puts up on the class pages… I got this back today, which included a file on how to log in to brainpop with it’s link and the login id and password:

“I received this brainpop results late Friday and I put it in the gradebook on Sunday.

The links are posted in 3 places in the Science course.

They are located on the Science homepage in Resource widget on right side of page, it is posted often in checklists, it is posted in Resources- Content- 7th Grade Resources

I also posted it in News.

I also posted directions on how to submit brainpops correctly.

I am reattaching directions and I will post the link. All the resources used in my course are posted in these 3 places.  There is no reaseon for them to hunt for anything in my course.

(link to brainz given)

Please let me know if you need anything further.”

Like I said, she has a comprehension problem.  I discovered that after asking me last week to give her the links that didn’t work so she could fix them, that she didn’t.  I guess it was because I didn’t spell it all out for her with the link and did it her way – it’s over there!

So now she just got blessed with a response that is about as polite as I can go at this point.  I do hope she reads it. I do hope she gets a clue.  If I have to go through this again, it’s not going to be pretty – and I really don’t want to deal with this idiot on the phone.  It amazes me how some people can be so book smart, yet so stupid and lacking of common sense and other much needed skills!

“I don’t need directions on how to access the Brainpop website, nor does my daughter.  What I was asking for was the direct link to the exact Brainpop you wanted ABC to do.  Giving a link to Brainpop is rather simple.  Sometimes figuring out which Brainpop assignment you want the students to complete is not so simple.

When you log into Brainpop, you have to select Science.  From there you have to select the proper lessons.  In this case, it would be Cellular Life & Genetics.  When you click on that link, you are now staring at 26 links.  Due to the setup on Brainpop, you cannot tell what you have already completed, or haven’t completed.  The only way to know something is done is from your end, if you receive an email from the site/student.  Given that there are many problems and issues on the internet, and things don’t always work as they should, you may not always receive an email.

It would be quite helpful if you made sure all of these links you claim you have up work.  I know one just gives me a .docx file to download when I click on the link.   Last week we had issues with one or two of your links to outside sites not working.  It was easier for me to hunt down the site on my own vs. wait for a response.   I think there was also a case a few weeks back with an assignment not being on the checklist, but it was on content.

I just double checked since I did email you about this last week.  There are 2 links on the news page under the resources sidebar that do not work.  One is the link to Science Fusion and the other is to SmartScience Labs.  Both links give a blank page with error messages.  I just looked under Week 7 checklists to find another link that doesn’t work.  This would be:

(teacher’s non working link)

However, if you post the link as:

(a working link to the site) it works and gives you the login page.

The link of (another working link that’s different to the site) also works.

Also, if you go under content to find the current week’s work, as it was the case in past weeks – you get a .docx file downloaded to your computer vs. the listing on the screen of work for the week.  That word document does not contain any links whatsoever, just what the assignments are.

The reason you have been hearing from me vs. my daughter is because my daughter does not find you to be approachable.  I know I listened to you in one class a few weeks back and you came off rather snotty.  I can understand that your job is frustrating and you may lose patience – but put yourself in the students’ place and think about how they feel and what they’re going through.  This is new territory for a lot of them.”

I won’t bother explaining to this teacher about Word’s default settings for saving documents.  I don’t want to confuse her and let her know that I can’t open .docx files on my computer because I have an antiquated version of Office on my computer.  I just deal with the files on the craptop and transfer files back and forth between the computers as needed.  I tried pointing this fact out to someone in charge at the school and it was deer in headlight time!  Can you imagine explaining this to the science teacher?  No thank you!


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