We got a late start yesterday.  My daughter did her volunteer work, and I went grocery shopping.  We both got home later than expected.  Just in time for the kid’s Spanish class.

After Spanish, the kid wasted at least 2 hours of my time doing nothing… unless pissing me off counts.  It got mighty loud in my apartment.  I think the entire neighborhood heard me – but more importantly, I think my daughter did too.

She finally got her ass in gear.  I made her start with history.  I have come to the conclusion that history requires my help every day.  I thought saving what we didn’t like and what had the most work for last was a good thing – wrong!  Do it first since I have no desire to be hearing about ancient Greece when I should be eating dinner, or watching the idiot box.

By jove, I think she’s got it!

The kid watched the recording and I explained to her about taking notes and how easy the class could be if she took good notes – any notes would be good!  She’s just not thinking or using common sense with this class.  She sees the workload and that’s all she sees.

Class still took 90 minutes yesterday, but all the work was done and submitted for that class for the day.  I helped by typing for her since I converted the handout that was supposed to be printed out, filled out, scanned, and placed in the dropbox for that assignment, by converting the page to a form that could be typed in, saved, and dumped in the dropbox – saving trees, lead, ink, and a lot of time – and more importantly, my patience.

I remembered the cheap loaner tablet we have.  I hooked up the tablet to the school craptop.  Arts and crafts?  We got it covered now!  Yesterday was a decorative ancient Greek scroll.  We opted to say “I don’t like this” using the Greek alphabet.  It took a lot less time than breaking out the toddler box of school supplies we were provided with, coloring, and scanning it.  Sorry, but even drawing on the tablet can set my kid off on a tangent for hours while she draws and doodles.

My kid knocked out the rest of her work and was done by 6 pm last night.  I was so thrilled.  We enjoyed a nice dinner together and goofed off for the night until bedtime.  I got the kid to bed, or at least in her room and in her bed, before midnight.

Today was the early Science class.  We’ll ignore the fact that the teacher is getting bitchy with the kids and losing her patience.. for now.  If she types to my daughter in a snotty tone again, she will find out what my pissed off type can read like!

After Science we tackled history again.  A new record – an hour!

The rest of the work due for today was finished.  Spanish for the week is done too.

Guess what time we were done?  Before 4 pm!  If my daughter didn’t slack so much, she could’ve been done by 2.

I can get used to this!  I hope this is a sign of things to come and good changes.  Yesterday we were both ready to tell this school to shove it.


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