Today is MaZzzZZzZzzZZZzzz!

Photo: Happy first day of school to everyone who's starts today!!! ~C

Today is the day my daughter gets her assed kicked into shape and on schedule.  It won’t be a good day for her, and probably just as bad for me…  however I should not be spending this much of my time every day getting her ass in gear.

Everyday there is an online class.  Today was math.  Today was the introduction to the new math teacher.  She’s very intelligent, experienced, and has a clue.  I can understand what she’s teaching.  The kid can understand it (so far!).  Her class unconfused both of us, and I was only listening, since I was in the room.

The class went about 30 minutes.  Then the teacher stopped the recording and said that those who didn’t have questions could leave.  I look over towards my daughter and her head is down next to the laptop.  Her eyes are closed and she is sleeping!

This is not how I want to start my day.  It’s nice that it’s only a 4 day week, but it feels like a friggin Monday in my world.

I’m going to have to be even stricter about bed time and the kid actually going to sleep now.  Last night I got her to bed at a reasonable hour, but I know she didn’t go to sleep.  There’s evidence in the kitchen that she was up late again, or woke up in the middle of the night again to make a cup of herbal tea.  I have gone through 3 days of this.  The kid either didn’t get enough sleep, or was up in the middle of the night and went back to sleep.  This is a big sign that my kid is stressing out about something in her life again. Sorry, this nonsense doesn’t fly for me.  We’ll have to talk this out later.  I have a few ideas of what’s going on.  New rules are going to have to be put into place.

I give the kid time to wake up and get started on her lessons.  It’s so much online computer time, who can blame her for passing out and napping!  There’s no textbooks.  Not even a workbook.  It’s ALL online.  The only class that seems to even call for a notebook is the much dreaded history.  That class is going to waste a shitload of ink and piss me off more than it already has… but smartass that I am, I have a partial solution – I think!

Instead of printing out all these pages that need to be printed, written on, scanned, and put in the teacher’s dropbox, I’m going to have the kid fill them out on the computer.  I won’t have to print and scan – and that saves me some of my time as well.  The kid can just type and save.  Instead of it being in her notebook, it can be in a folder on the computer.  Paper and ink is saved – and so is some of my sanity in the process (or so I hope!).

I’m going to be a complete ass for some of the arts and craftsy crap that I think is beyond stupid for a history class as well.  If the teacher wants a map printed out and colored, it will be – just not with crayons, markers, or colored pencils.  The kid was informed she can do that on the computer as well… the same goes for the silly travel brochure the kid has to create for a selected ancient city in Greece, as well as the required postcard she must do and submit.

I have finally figured out history a bit.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s not a lot that needs to be submitted to the teacher in a day.  Let’s see how much we can chisel all the time wasted on that class down to AND get all the required work done in a week.  The only problem work is still the stupid 3 panel triptych.  That’s not due until the end of the quarter.

I have done my fair share of bitching and complaining about the school and teachers the past 3 weeks.  Now it’s time to whip my daughter into shape.  As long as my daughter makes the effort, I will go to hell and back for her.  If my daughter thinks she’s going to slack, I will just kick back and she can get bad grades for not doing what she should, when she should… which also means she will not earn any perks with me, will also lose privileges, get punished, get grounded, and get very pissed off in the process.

Happy Tuesday and welcome back to school!



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