This Week Is Over!

Good news – The history teacher cancelled yesterday’s class… two hours before it was supposed to happen.  She still hasn’t responded to my daughter’s email… and quite frankly, I just don’t care anymore.  I’ll keep mental notes and encourage my daughter to continue to do her best, all in 90 minutes a day per core  subject.  I sure hope that the recorded class she plans on posting doesn’t include doing extra work to prove you watched the recording.  My child was ready and willing to show up.  It’s not our fault the teacher couldn’t do her part.  I will say that it’s a good thing that her class is in the afternoon.  If I had to wake up early for it, she would’ve gotten a nasty message from me.

Now for the bad news – We are bummed!  The math teacher, who we both like, is giving up teaching my daughter’s grade.  We’re going to have a new math teacher.  The one teacher who really has a clue and listens… I hope the new teacher is just as good.  I knew the math teacher had a full plate, a young toddler, new to the online thing, and swamped with irate parents, and baffled kids.  Instead of emailing people, she calls them.  She must be a fantastic advisor.

So now what?  Can’t I take a break in the evenings from the stupidity that goes along with this online school?

We have no issues or frustrations with science or the teacher.  There’s some silly extra work that needs to be done and it will get done… just not in the time frame the teacher expects it done.  So how is that an issue?

I guess the idiotic advisor can’t read back her notes from our phone conversation the other day… or she screwed up and wrote Science instead of History.  The only thing I said about Science was that my child is learning from the silly work, will do the silly work, but it’s going to take longer than the deadline allotted for it to be done.

Science class was the other day.  The teacher told the kids they have another extra week to finish the silly work.  She didn’t realize how much silly work some kids would end up with.  Not a problem – good news!  The teacher also told the class if they needed more time after next week, let her know via a private email.  Even better!

So I get this email the other night.  Huh?  No, please do NOT call me!  I have had enough for one week!  How do I tell this woman in a polite manner, do not fucking call me?  I was sitting right there next to my kid for this class.  My kid didn’t ask a question about the folders because the teacher handled it immediately.  I think my kid has 12 folders left.  Who knows how many lessons and quizzes are in each folder – it’s a lot!  You can’t do the quiz without doing the lesson, so that kills that idea.

Here’s the email from the science teacher (note the lack of my name *snicker*).  Names have been removed:


I have wanted to call you today and speak to you but I had collaborates all day today. I will hopefully be able to touch base with you tomorrow.

I just wanted you to know that I understand your concerns with your child in regards to Compass. I had no idea that Compass was going to assign so many folders. This is the first year that we were assigning them with learning paths. In the past years we assigned individual assignments. However, she is expected to work 90 minutes in Science.

As soon as I realized that students were getting anywhere from 14 to 20 folders I immediately sent an e-mail giving the students until the end of this week. I realize that students still are struggling so what I asked them to do is to work on the rest of their folders for 90 miniutes tomorrow, and next week I want them to work on week 4 assignments first and any other assignments they can go back to and still complete for full credit. Your child did not ask me any questions in the collaborate so I am hoping this will calm her frustations. I do not want her to be frustrated in Science.

I am also switching from Compass to Science Fusion which is more kid friendly. There will only be one assignment at a time. No learning paths.

Please feel free to e-mail me at any time if you have have concerns regarding Science. I hope this reduces fears and frustations. If she needs more then next week- let me know by Thursday and I can work out a plan for her to catch up and stay on track. I do want her to put current work first.

I will call you tomorrow during the day. I hope you have a good evening. Again, feel free to contact me by e-mail anytime. Thanks again.

What frustration?  What concerns?  WTF is she talking about?  WTF did that idiot of an advisor take notes about?  I hope she’s a better language arts teacher than she is an advisor, cause she sucks royally… and I will gladly inform her of that fact!

So I shot off a nice reply last night to the teacher:

Hi Mrs. Science Teacher,

I was in the room when my daughter attended your Collaborate this morning.  No worries about calling.  Thank you for extending the folders for another week.  It’s too much online screen in your face for one person to deal with in a day… plus if you screw up, or don’t know an answer, you have to do the entire lesson all over.  My daughter never had to learn lab safety, and didn’t know how long she needed to wash her eyes out for… that gave her tons of folders on lab safety, which had me asking her what she was doing.  I thought she was goofing off.  She is learning from the folders, and neither of us mind that – it’s just too much to do in a short amount of time.

My child has dyslexia and problems with vision tracking (I’ll spare her the entire list of disabilities for now and not even mention the ADHD.).  Reading is hard enough for her some days.  I wasn’t expecting all the work to be on a computer screen.  She will get through the folders as soon as she can.  One lesson takes her about 30 minutes, which doesn’t include the quiz.  Two lessons with their quizzes take just about 90 minutes, give or take a few minutes.  I know this since I started timing my daughter this week to make sure she’s not exaggerating about some of her work.  The science is over my daughter’s head, as a lot of this she didn’t learn, or if she did learn it, it wasn’t this intense. I also know from watching her the past few weeks, that there are things she learned and didn’t retain over the years.

We have no concerns with the folders, other than the deadline, which you have since extended.  We never had any other frustrations with Science other than the deadline for the folders.  I have simply told my daughter to work for 90 minutes in each core subject, unless she has work that doesn’t require that much time.


Momma XYZ

Do you think she got the part about do not fucking call me?  I got this email from her this morning:

I am glad to hear that the extension has calmed the frustrations.

Another tool in Science Fusion, is she can use audio and it will read the text to her. We can try that next week and see if that helps her as well.

If she ever feels overwhlemed or frustated, just reach out to me and we can always work things out. I do not want to get her behind, so next week just have her work on Week 4 assignments first and then work on Compass from the past.

Keep me posted on how she is doing. I look forward to working with you and your daughter this year in Science.

Again I ask, what frustrations?  WTF is wrong with these people?  WTF happened to the salutation?  I guess she is playing it safe, not knowing if I’m married, remarried, single, or what,  since she uses a hyphenated name, but the kids can just call her by married last name.

If I sign my emails using my first and last name, why is that so confusing for people? I don’t consider myself a Ms., never did… but I’d prefer being calling Ms. XYZ over Mrs. ABC, or nothing at all.  I guess I’ll stop using salutations, or just start all my emails with “Dear Moron!”

Now excuse me… It’s a 3 day holiday weekend.  Instead of being out and having some fun, we are either going to play catch up with some of the school work this weekend, and/or crap out in bed being stupid!  Oh wait!  I did that last night, and it felt wonderful!

I think we might venture out today… to walk across the street and buy some ice cream.  Then we’ll come home and I’ll whip up a couple of malteds for us to toast the week being over.  I’m letting my daughter sleep late this morning.  She’s already requested we stay home today and think about venturing out tomorrow, or the day after.  Sounds good to me!



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