Stupid Educators – Part 2

This is a great WTF kind of  way to start your day.  FexEd dumps a box in front of my apartment door this morning.  It’s the school stuff!  FINALLY!  It’s a fairly small box considering it should contain some books and who knows what else… like posterboard for the history class.  Here’s the box with Poopsie on the box so you can get an idea of the size of the box:


WTF?  Really?  I have storage boxes of this crap in my room!  It’s art supplies for toddlers.  Look:


I look at the packing list and do another WTF!  Really?  It really is art supplies for a toddler, and not a single literature book, or anything else educational for the classes, like we were told we were getting.  I double checked the packing list:


What a bunch of morons!  I already bought the one thing on this list I thought we would actually need – graph paper, in preparation for the school year.  The only thing we need and didn’t buy was posterboard – and I was told the school was sending some with their supplies.  That’s not in the kit.  I have storage boxes full of this stuff in my room.  That’s what homeschooling families do… 7 years of this junk!  Wait!  I’m exaggerating!  I don’t think I have paper plates or balloons anymore.  Oh!  One more thing – we used the last of the jingle bells for Christmas ornaments… but I might have one or two floating around in one of the craft boxes.

Now to finish off my rant from yesterday… this is a dose of what I got hit with yesterday.  The names have been changed to protect the seriously pissed off, the really stupid, and an innocent student.

I received this email from a test admin at the school yesterday.  The principal was cc’ed on it, so I made sure he was included in ALL the emails:

Good morning, Ms. ABC! I hope you are having a great start to your day!

Would it be possible to have your child revisit Scantron today? I am afraid we are lacking Language Arts and Science scores for her. We did not originally plan to have all CO students take the Science test, but our Science department would like them to go ahead and test. We need these tests to be completed prior to end of day Friday 8/31.

Thanks so much for your assistance, and please let me know if you have any questions at all.


The Idiot

The one thing I opted to do this school year was not to use a hyphenated last name for myself since I don’t use the same last name as my daughter.  If need be, I’ll correct people, or hope they take note of how I sign off my emails.  I figure it’s not too difficult to figure out as many parents have different last names then their children.  I don’t mind the occasional slip.  I expect it with school the first time someone deals with me if they’re not properly doing their job – as in reading a school file and looking at the contact info for the parent.

If you read the previous rant, you know what problems we had with 2 of the 4 tests.  So I guess the principal and nice admin never read their emails, and never informed anyone of our problems.  That would also explain why I never heard back from them.

I swear I know the idiot who sent this email from the online K-12 school my daughter was in for years.  If it’s the same person, she was anything but an idiot.  She ran a special ed program that my daughter took part in.  Not only was the program great for my daughter, it was so great the school stopped funding it, and fired this person!  It was just another reason for us to leave K-12.

I shot off this reply to the idiot:

I emailed both Mr. Principal and Mrs. Nice Admin last week to let them both know that when my daughter re-did the LA test (note the RE part), it gave her an error message at the end.  I emailed both of them again and included a screen shot of that same error message my daughter received when she took the science portion of the test.  I would gladly have my child take the test if someone would fix the glitches first.

I was in the room with my child when she took all the Scantron tests to know she completed them.  I was called to look at the screen for the error messages on both tests, including the error messages on the reading portion of the test.

If you would like a copies of my previous emails, as well as a copy of yesterday’s screenshot, kindly let me know.

Momma XYZ (I signed off with my first and MY last name)

This got me the following response from the idiot:

Mrs. ABC,

Thank you for letting me know that these errors occurred, and know that I realize just how frustrating this can be!  Would your child be able to meet me in my virtual office so that I can assist?  I would be happy to proctor as she tests in case there is something technical that I can handle during her test session.  Please let me know, and I’ll send you the link to my office.

Best regards,

The Idiot

I had to really byte my type on my response.  I made it a tad more polite.  I was expecting another response from her and was even planning on taking bets on how long it took me to actually call her an idiot or worse.  I also planned on telling her not to worry since we won’t be continuing on with this school any longer.  I have now been upgraded from a Ms. to a Mrs., and again with my daughter’s last name.  This proves to me that we’re dealing with someone who either failed reading comprehension (which is looking like a good possibility at this rate!), or someone who isn’t reading the email, or reading it all the way through.

Ms. Idiot,

Knowing my daughter, yes, my child would probably mind. I know I would.  I don’t think you understand our frustration.  Perhaps you didn’t understand what I meant when I said my daughter did the LA test once and got through it without one single glitch.  A week later we found out the test didn’t register at all.  My child took the LA test AGAIN last week.  Then she did science yesterday.  It didn’t register at the end for either the LA portion AND the science portion.  I don’t see what difference it would make who proctors it if the testing is glitching.  FYI, here is a screen shot from yesterday, which is the same error she got after taking the LA portion for the second time.

I am quite familiar with Scantron testing.  We have taken it many years in the past.  I know that if you answer too quick, the answers won’t register.  That was not the case with my daughter’s testing.  I was right there to make sure that was not a problem.  I also know that we have never had any of the issues with Scrantron that we have had the past few weeks.

Momma XYZ

Luckily the idiot didn’t respond to my last email.  I think she got a clue.  Perhaps she actually took the time to read through my email and look at the picture I included?

I did end up getting an email after dinner from the science teacher – a teacher and class we really don’t have issues with… but that’s what happens when an idiot advisor takes notes during your phone conversation.  We’ll just have to save that for another blog post.

Happy Friday everyone!


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