Stupid Educators – Part 1

I don’t know how I can expect idiots who can’t read through an entire email to be responsible for my daughter’s education.  I was typing an email that I had no plans to send, just so I could vent, and my daughter told me I should send it.  I sent it to the principal and the administrator.  I know the admin was out of town, but I knew at some point she would read it and comment, or call.  Nope.  A day later I received an email back from the principal, who usually calls me.  It was obvious he didn’t read the entire email.  He sent another email within minutes about another issue I brought up in my email.

Yesterday I had to message the math teacher with a glitch on the school site for a lesson the kid was in the middle of for a second time.  I like the math teacher.  She called me within the hour.  I told her that slamming my hand hard on my keyboard fixed the problem, but that it didn’t matter, which computer, or browser, it glitched several times in the same spot.

We were having a nice chit chat.  She’s an advisor for an older grade unfortunately.  My daughter wishes she was her advisor.  She is really understanding and empathetic AND she listens.  She must’ve listened to me in part, but ignored the part where I said I didn’t need her help…

Next the phone rings again.  It’s the language arts teacher.  I think she’s calling cause I have once again bitched that she does not respond to my daughter’s emails to her.  I also said that if she doesn’t respond, that’s fine.  My daughter won’t be able to to the work she’s stuck on, and I quite frankly don’t care anymore.  The same goes for history right now too!

Well this twit that I don’t care for wasn’t calling for that – but it was the first thing she got hit with, without me telling her off for not responding to my child’s emails.  She was calling as my daughter’s advisor and the issues/problems we seem to be having.  I know for a fact that I am not the only parent with the problems I brought up, nor do I have the only child having issues with this one class – history and it’s daily workload.  I thought my kid was bad?  There’s at least one kid spending 4 hours a day on all the work!  Not us – you want 90 minutes, that’s all you’re getting in a day for that class.

I tried my best to get off the phone with this idiot, that’s how much I don’t care for her.  She was taking notes.  You need notes?  Gosh, it was so tempting, but I refrained and I restrained myself.  I doubt my chat with this twit did any good, or will change anything, but you can’t say I didn’t try.

So that brings us to Scantron testing.  Virtual schools use this testing site/company to gauge how kids are learning, what they know, etc., throughout the school year, and also to see and prep them for the annual required state assessment tests.  Those assessment tests have nothing to do with a child’s learning.  They are to grade the school.  That’s why schools put so much emphasis on it.  Me?  I could care less.  I haven’t let this school know yet how I feel about CSAPs or Scantron.  I’m being nice.

So my kid took the required Reading, Math and Language Arts tests the first week of school.  No problems, except for an annoying pop up in Reading.  We eliminated the problem by logging out and logging back in to the test later on.

A week later I received a call.  They need my kid to take the language arts portion of the test. I tell them she already did and I was right there in the room with her when she took it.  To be nice, since this is the nice admin, my kid retook the test.  At the end of the test she got blessed with a lovely screen that she shouldn’t have.


I shot off an email to the nice admin and the principal.  Not a peep out of either of them.  I am not going out of my way to let anyone else know.  That’s not my job or problem.

I had wondered from day 1 why the kid didn’t need to take the science test.  I double checked.  The principal (on the phone) told me that only 5th and 8th graders need to take it.  Friday comes.  Guess what?  The principal sent out an email apologizing – my kid needs to take the science part by today.

Yesterday my kid did the science part of Scantron.  I was in the room with her the entire time.  I know she wasn’t too quick with her clicks.  Even when she didn’t know and was guessing, she still read the problem first so it wasn’t nothing but clicks registering within a second of one another.

Care to guess what my daughter got blessed with at the end of the test?  Yup, that lovely screen from hell again!  Once again, I shot off another email to both the principal and nice admin.  Once again, no response.


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