Week 3

I am so beyond frustrated and stressed right now, that it’s more than I can deal with.

Online virtual schooling has never been like this for us.  It’s a great education, but it’s fraught with miscommunication, falsehoods, disorganization, more work than necessary in a day in some classes, and such screw ups, that it’s going to go sooner than I thought.

I had said I would give them 2 more weeks to get their shit together.  I don’t think I can make it through the week!  It’s affecting my health and I am stressed and feeling sick.  I need to be avoiding stress, not making or getting more of it.

It’s now week 3.  My kid still can’t log into Spanish.  She still hasn’t received the necessary books & supplies that teachers are referring to.  I’ve inquired about both, but still no answers to either.

There were also tests to be taken in reading, math, and grammar/writing.  We’re used to Scantron testing.  It’s so the school can judge if you’re showing improvement and how you’ll do on the annual state tests.  There’s also a test for science that they first said only 5th & 8th graders needed to take.  That surprised me since science is also tested once you reach 5th grade in Colorado.  Guess what?  For week 3 they finally realized what I asked them.  My kid now has until Thursday to take this science test.

There’s 4 core classes.  Students should be prepared to devote 90 minutes a day to their core classes.  There’s one elective, Spanish, which gets 30 minutes a day.  According to the Spanish teacher, you work on her class for 60 minutes a day.  It was the same with the digital art class my daughter attempted the first week of school.  Who came up with 30 minutes?  I can’t get a straight answer from anyone about this.

Science, math, and language arts give assignments.  However long they take, they take.  I timed things yesterday – an hour or less, except for the language arts assignment my daughter couldn’t complete.  We’re still waiting to hear back from that twit of a teacher.  We still have no clue about the actual workload for Spanish.

History gives you 90 minutes of work in the teacher’s realm.  It’s really more than that in a kid’s world.  You start off with a 15 minute recording.  That 15 minute recording actually takes 45 minutes and has sub assignments in it, as well as explanations to other assignments.  That leaves you 45 minutes to complete the rest of the day’s assignment, which is usually 4 things.  We gave up after an hour yesterday.  What that woman can assign as just one part of the day’s assignment is something a brick and mortar teacher would assign for a semester, or quarter, or maybe the end of the week type thing.  Everytime my daughter emails this teacher asking for clarification of a day’s assignment, she’s told not to worry about it, it’s for the end of the quarter.  Really?  Then tell them that before they waste time trying to understand what they need to do… and she still hasn’t explained the assignment like my kid asked.  My kid can ask or say 4 things in 4 sentences in 1 email.  One thing gets answered.  It’s just like dealing with my kid, who not only has dyslexia, but ADHD as well, among other disabilities.

This woman wants the kids to draw a 4 or 5 panel comic strip.  Not with pencil – use color!  Or use Powerpoint!  Really?  I don’t have Powerpoint on my ‘puter, nor is it on the school’s craptop.  I am not learning or teaching myself or the kid Powerpoint for 1 teacher, nor am I buying the software!  This woman is lucky I haven’t emailed or called her yet.  I have come close, but I won’t be tactful, so I haven’t done it YET.  It’s gotten to the point that I’ve told my daughter to ignore part of the assignment and just let the teacher know.  I quite frankly don’t give much of a fuck about ancient Greek civilization at my age.  This was the first thing I taught my daughter for history back when she was 7, not that she remembers it.

Part of yesterday’s assignment was to ask a question about something she had to look at – a picture.  She had no questions about it.  She ended up posing the question, “Why do I have to ask a question about something I don’t have a question about?”  That was submitted as part of her schoolwork with my blessings.  It’s a lot nicer than what I would have asked!

If you want kids to remain interested, let them explore and give them time to explore on their own.  This school is not even leaving enough time for us to get through the day and have dinner at a normal hour anymore!

They tell the kids to take breaks.  Really?  You have her doing about 7 hours of schoolwork every day.  Even a brick and mortar school doesn’t have them do that much actual work in a day!

The school stressed how the schedule was flexible.  Really?  How?  Each day there’s a class in 1 of your subjects, and 1 day also has advisement, which we won’t be bothering with anymore.  Everyday you have assignments in every class.  These must be complete and submitted by Friday of that week.  You can miss a class, but if you do, you must watch a recording of the class and provide a summary to the teacher, or do some other extra work to prove you watched the recording.

My daughter got sick on Thursday.  She did her Thursday class and slept most of the day after that.  So how flexible was the school?  We stayed home for the weekend catching up on the week’s assignments!

I am burned out after 3 weeks.  This usual takes me about 6 months and that’s when I’m schooling on my own.  I wake up earlier than my daughter, so I can have some me time and coffee before I have to wake her up.  I wake her up early enough that she has time to be functioning and have breakfast before her class.  If class is at 9 a.m., I am waking up around 7 now.  I’m used to waking up between 8 and 9.  With staying up late, and waking up early, I actually slept til 11 the other morning.  I can’t tell you the last time I slept that late.  My daughter slept past noon!

This shit gotta go or someone has got to get a clue.  I know I am not the only parent with issues, nor is my child the only one with issues.  I am done communicating through the local school or teachers.  I now want to go to the actual school office in Maryland, or wherever it is and let them know what’s going on!  Schools should be organized and have good communication.  Students AND parents should not be stressed like this.  If the teachers don’t know how to run a class, or are new to online schooling, they need orientation, just like parents and students had to sit through.  If administrators don’t have the facts, or answers, they need to get them PRONTO!  I see this school losing families within the next month at the rate the shit is flying.


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