How Dumb Can We Go? Part Two

This is part two of dealing with stupid friend.  Read the previous long winded blog post to see what started this nonsense.

This is one of many links about dino, as I like to call him.  His real name is D-Rex, and I had never heard of it until this mess.  I didn’t realize how much he sold for new years ago.

So after telling the dumb twit:

“In order for them to bill you, you have to set up an account – which doesn’t cost anything. I have mine set up on and it alerts me when I’m getting a package delivered – quite handy when you weren’t expecting a delivery! After you set up an account, I’ll need your account number to have the shipment set to bill you. I’ll put in a check in the box to cover $25 of the shipping costs.”

I got a message back:

“How do I find my account number?”

Since I’m in the US and they’re in Canada, it’s 2 different UPS sites.  After waiting a week to respond, otherwise I would have just told her to fuck off right then and there… I responded with:

“You need to create an account number. Canada’s website and the US site are different – but there should be a link somewhere to create an actual account number to use for shipping and billing with UPS. I can’t have UPS bill you without you signing up for an account. The only option is to wait another month until I have more cash and I’ll just pay the $38. I really would like this box gone already as it’s bigger than I expected and taking up space here. If you get the account set up for UPS to bill you, I’ll put in a check for $25 to cover partial shipping.”

That was about as polite as I can be at this point.  I really want to ask them WTF kind of drugs they’re on… and for someone who once told me they don’t check Facebook often, that I was better off emailing them, they’re mighty quick now to respond to my messages on Facebook!  The next stupid message was:

“The only option the site gives me to setup a numbered shipping account is if I use a credit card (which we don’t have) … I have no other option than tohave you ship it cod by mail or wait till next month”

At this point, I just cannot respond to her, unless it’s to tell her she’s a fucking idiot!  I went on the Canadian UPS site, and using one of my email addresses and all of her info, I created an account for her within minutes.  I have yet to tell her – and will be changing the account over to her email address before doing so.  I want to see if I can send dino COD to her and be done with this bullshit.

How do people claim to be so darn intelligent and then disprove this in a matter of seconds?  I guess those who have to brag about how smart they, or their children are, need to prove it to themselves.  I may be smart, but I don’t need to broadcast it.  I always can learn more and I don’t know everything.  I also have my dumb moments and tend to call myself an asshole at least once a day!  This person is obviously a bigger asshole than I am!

So we went from needing dino ASAP just a week and a half ago, to now it’s ok to wait another month.  Sure it is… and you know what?  Bitch that I am, I am going to asking her to send me the $13 difference for shipping since I only planned on paying $25ish on shipping in the first place!  Care to see how long that delays things?

If I had an extra $20 on me, I would be sending this idiot their original $45 back to them and telling them to have a nice life.  Now I’m trying to decide how to handle things.

I was asked to pick up some cheap American flags to send them in the box, which I did.  That only set me back about $2.50.  I saw something cute months ago and bought it for the baby.  I was going to include that in the box for the baby’s birthday in October.  I am tempted to send nothing but dino.  Actually, I would like to send nothing at this point… but they were nice and sent my daughter a very generous gift (as they worded it – it’s a gift).  They also sent me a memory card in the second shipment with the long awaited money order that I forgot all about – but it took her so long to do that, that I had already bought 2 really cheap ones by that time, and didn’t need hers.

I also neglected to mention that this darling person had the balls to ask me to include some baked treats for her man.  This was in response to, “Do you want anything from the States?”  That and American flags.  Kiss my ass bitch!  If the flags weren’t so shitty, I wouldn’t send them either… but the dollar store really outdid themselves this year!

So what would you do in this situation?  You bought something for someone and they paid you back for it.  You now need to ship it to them and told them it would be a few months.  You had said you would pay for all or part of the shipping, depending on how much it would cost.  UPS is the cheapest way to ship at $38.  The post office is about $48.  FexEx would cost about $52.  The friend ignored your email from months ago, and also a few Facebook posts of late, and now is acting all weird and shitty with you, thinking you wouldn’t notice.  You have to be phony to deal with this person and it’s beginning to seriously get to you.

Anyone want to buy a D-Rex?  That is really tempting to go re-sell him on Ebay.  I do have a credit on sellers’ fees, so that wouldn’t cost me anything.   Well, dang!  I just checked ebay… this is very tempting!

Now for the drumroll… tat a ta ta ta… I recently learned that not only is idiot friend’s man a recovering alcoholic, but so it she!  Really?  It sure sounds like she fell on her head off that wagon!


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