Thanks for… – Part One

Stupid me did someone a favor.  I now seriously regret it.  They did something nice for my daughter that saved me money by sending my daughter a Nintendo DS and some games they weren’t using anymore.  I offered to pay for it.  They said I could pay for shipping.  Well when that came around, they didn’t want money for shipping.

There was some remote control dinosaur on Ebay that they wanted and needed someone in the US to get for them.  They wanted it for their less than year old son.  No rush to ship it to them.  The seller only shipped to the US, and they lived in Canada.  Okay, so dumbass me offers to do it if they pay me back part or all of the purchase price.  Okay.  I tell them I’ll pay for shipping and they can repay me for the dino, which ended up setting me back some $45 dollars and change.  I figured shipping to Canada can’t be that bad, right?  Fuck me!

Let’s start with getting repaid the $45 took longer than it should have, which set me back with my electric & gas bill that I was finally current on.  I can deal with the late charges, but I hate being lied to.  I had told them from the get go that it will take a few months before dino gets shipped to them after I saw it was going to cost about $25 to ship him to Canada.

I get an email asking me if I got the package with the money order in it yet since they bought the money order about a week earlier.  Nope, not yet, and it takes about a week from Canada I would think.  Days go by and now I’m starting to panic.  My mail service sucks so bad.  If my regular mailman has the day off or is on vacation, I am fucked royally.  The package wasn’t sent delivery confirmation like I asked it to be, or expected it to be.  Oh boy…

The package finally arrives about a week later.  Let’s start with that it wasn’t mailed out until the day I was first asked if I received it.  I hate shit like that.  Don’t tell me something was done when it wasn’t.  Just be honest about it.  I can do without the stress and extra bullshit in my life.  For those that are that stupid, when you buy postage at the post office, it has a date on it.

When dino arrived, he came in a huge box.  A lot bigger than I was expecting.  He is still sitting in his original box in my living room.  I opened the box to see if he worked, which he did partially.  I fixed the problem somewhat – batteries rotted and leaked in the compartment to the remote.  I cleaned that up and popped in batteries.  He works.  I found a bunch of links on how the dino works and emailed them to this supposed friend.  Plus I need to look and see why dino wasn’t working and how to fix him.  I didn’t know dino was sent to me with batteries in him, or where they were even located.

I asked if the friends if they wanted anything from the states while I was saving up money to ship dino to them.  I picked up something they asked for, and had already ordered a gift for their baby.  The gift arrived before the dino did.  I was going to send it separate, but after pricing shipping… it can go with dino and won’t affect the weight.  The baby will be turning a year old in another month, or so, so I figured this was perfect timing now that I learned how expensive it is to ship something to Canada, unless it’s a letter, or something small.  Plus you have to file extra paperwork to send a big box to Canada.  Fuck me!

So here dino sits.  I have $25 and a dollar or two extra and am ready to get him out of my living room!  I get a message from the friend on Facebook.  It’s an odd sounding, full of shit sounding, email.  Mind you, I emailed them months ago and never heard back.  They’ve always been slow to respond to me.  First there was the excuse they don’t go on Facebook often, so email them.  Then I got an excuse the other day about them and their email.  Well I wish they’d be consistent in their bullshit stories.  I also wish I had known what I was in for before I offered to do this favor for them that has me put out in more ways than I care.

The odd message was inquiring about dino and me sending him.  They might be out of town the end of this month and didn’t want to miss delivery of dino.  Really?  None of the usual chit chat, and a few of my Facebook posts on her wall have been ignored the past month or two.  Now who in their right mind is just going to ship a package to Canada without alerting the receiver the package is on the way?  Especially after 2 months?  If you want to know what’s going on, just ask.  I already explained I am beyond broke – and the heat wave hasn’t helped since my electric & gas bills the past 3 months are higher than what I pay to heat my home in the Winter!  I’ve never had bills so high – and I’ve been trying to conserve, only to watch my bill go up even more!

I let this friend know they had good timing.  I have about $25 put aside for shipping – which I really did, and dino was going out within the week.  UPS is cheaper by $20 than the US postal service.  Go figure!  Both will pick up from my home, so I’m going with UPS for less money.  Well when I finally plug in all the info, I find that UPS is going to charge me about $12 for taxes, fees, and a pick up charge.  No can do!  Next month, I can swing the extra $12.  It will put me in a bit of a hole, but I live in a hole and will find a way to manage.  The kid needs a coat and boots for the winter… it will wait another month or two.  I want dino gone!  I hate having this big box rotting in my living room.

I find out that UPS will bill the receiver.  Not a problem was their response.  I figure I’ll put a check for $25 in the box along with a card for the baby’s birthday to go with his gift.  They just need to set up a UPS account.  I let them know.  I get another message that I have chosen to ignore, because I just cannot be nice and polite.  How fucking stupid are some people?  I have a kid who can figure this shit out and she has several learning disabilities.  Are you on drugs, or what?  They want to know how to get an account number?

So dino is on rot in my living room until next month.   I will pay the extra to ship him and be done with this shit.  This is a reminder why sometimes it’s best to sit back and shut up… but on top of all this nonsense, it was learned that this friend is also a distant cousin to my daughter – and I felt that I owed them something for sending my daughter the DS and games.  Plus the money order came in a box with a couple of more games for her.

So how would you have handled this nonsense?  I know I expect too much from people.  I like to treat people how they treat me until they treat me otherwise.  It’s now otherwise!

In reality, I would love to send these people their $45 back and just sell the dino on Ebay and be done with it all!  Even my daughter has said the same.  However, that’s not my nature and they already paid me back for the Ebay purchase.

I am not good at being phony.  I am not good at biting my tongue.  However, I am doing my best and adding it all to my learning lessons from this experience and cannot wait to write this person out of my life!  Don’t lie to me.  Not once.  You will lose my trust.  Do it twice and you can kiss my ass and have a nice life!


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