Hump this!

After being sick for a few days, I wake up today, and look at the balcony door to scope the parking lot and sunshine.

A strange car pulls up in front on my building.  There’s a chubby, older, blonde woman alone in the car.  She pulls out something blue and reaches through the top of her shirt by her boob.  Huh?  She does it again on the other side.  WTF is she doing?  She’s putting on deodorant!

If this is a sign of how my day is going to be, I’d have to say it’s going to be a weird one!

Monday wasn’t so terrible.  It was English class.  The only problem with that was the teacher logging in at the exact second unprepared to run the class.  That wasted 10 minutes of a 30 minute class.  The class covered some of what it should have covered last week, and everything else was a waste of time.

Tuesday was Math, and a bit more stressful, but not due to the subject, teacher, or the class.  I am having a problem getting the kid to do her work without taking long breaks, or playing online.  Plus her chores are not getting done – unloading, and usually loading the dishwasher.  I don’t mind if she doesn’t get to her chores, if she’s truly devoting herself to school work.  However, if she has time to take a long break during the day to chat online with her friends… hell, no!  This is why I can’t leave her home alone – or leave her alone in a room for the entire time when she should be doing school work.  It’s fine if she’s on the craptop – she doesn’t have any software on there, other than being able to chat on Facebook, or listen to music.  If she’s on my computer, it’s a problem.

Today is Advisement and Spanish.  Advisement is with the same twit who teaches the English class.  I expect it to be a total waste of time – plus once again, the time of the class was changed.  The kid might end up missing the class, or most of it, when she goes back to her volunteer work.  We took off this week, and probably will next week, to get into the swing of things with school.  Plus we’ve been showing up, and our handicapped seniors haven’t been!  And quite frankly, we both need a break from one who is getting very cranky, and getting on our nerves.

Spanish was the class change request we put in on Friday.  The kid can’t log in to the lessons still, even though I’ve asked about her class info.  I figure today she can ask the Spanish teacher.  If she can’t get an answer in that class, she can ask an hour later in Advisement and stress out the twit more than she already is.

I am done going nuts with this shit.  Either the teachers, who get paid to do this shit, can actually do their jobs, or it’s not going to happen in my world.  If my kid can’t do an assignment because a teacher didn’t post the links, or worksheet, so be it.  If my kid can’t log in, so be it.  The kid will have to contact the teacher.  If the teachers don’t answer my kid’s emails, then we’ll have a problem.

I am spending more time with these school lessons and problems than I did when I actually taught my daughter on my own.  It’s not clear where to find the lesson, or what the lesson is, in some cases.  The lesson says one thing, but you have to ignore that part. Huh?  Being a new job for some of these teachers, they have no clue what they’re doing, are bogged down, and stressed.  They should have all taken an orientation class and been told to see what they are assigning their students to do, from the students’ point of view.

So far History is going to be the problem class.  As much as it’s interesting, it’s the most work.  This teacher is requiring too much from the kids too soon.  One third of yesterday’s assignment was to either create a Powerpoint presentation (Sure, just teach my kid Powerpoint!), or create a 3 panel triptych on posterboard, scan it and send it to the teacher.  Really?  First off, it took me a few to realize what a triptych was, cause it’s been that long since I dealt with AAA.  Next, what she wants made no sense.  So I had the kid email her and tell her that this assignment made no sense to her, and was way over her head.

We’ll see what we’re in for.  History doesn’t meet until Friday.  Today the Science teacher sent out an email apologizing for the amount of work the kids were assigned.  Yesterday was the English teacher’s turn.  Why?  Because none of them are looking to see exactly what they are having the kids do!

There are pretests in all the subjects.  If you do good, you have little to no work to do.  If you screw up, you have a ton of work to do in a week!  I don’t know how my kid managed – but other than math, she’s done with it.  For that matter, she did most of her work for the week in English and Science.

Today we’ll find out what we’re in for with Spanish.  Expecting a child to log into class and introduce themselves in Spanish to the class seems a bit much the first class.  But that’s what this teacher did last week.  It looks like I’ll have some serious coaching to do in Spanish.  What the heck!  I need a good refresher coarse.


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