The kid and I were planning an outing to a museum today, until the kid realized she wouldn’t be able to sleep late.  It’s just as well, cause the kid kept me up past my bedtime last night being goofy and giggly.   I’m going to enjoy my silly moments with my daughter as long as I can.  After all, it’s only a matter of time before she ditches me for her own life and friends, and realizes it’s not cool among her peers to have a good relationship with a parent.

I was so overtired and didn’t get to sleep til around 2, and the same for the kid.  I woke up early, at around 7:30.  The kid got her wish and got to sleep in.

The phone ringing at 9:30 didn’t phase the kid in the least – it phased me plenty and I was already awake.  I didn’t recognize the name or number, and didn’t bother answering it.  That’s my ‘tude.  In general I despise the telephone, unless it’s a friend calling to chat vs. a someone calling in need of a favor.  If anyone calling has a real reason for calling and I don’t answer, they can leave voice mail.

The caller left voice mail.  It was the language arts teacher/advisor.  I can already tell that we are going to have issues this school year.   First off, her message referred to me as “Mrs.,” and I am no longer a Mrs., nor do I use the same last name as my daughter anymore.  That tells me you’re not paying attention to anything.  Next, I’ve already had several emails back and forth with this bitch, er, I mean teacher, and while I used the salutation of Mrs. with her (funny how I can call the principal by his first name, but he’s sincere, and seems to be down to earth – same with the school liaison), I signed off with my first and last name in my emails, or just my first name.  Her voice mail was not it’s “so and so” calling.  Her message was it’s “Mrs. Bitch” calling.  Fuck that shit!  I’m not returning her call.  I’m going to chillax and not be bothered until Monday.

The kid is cooking Sunday dinner tomorrow.  I made a nice dinner today, and boy, did that come out good!  I marinated bone in, skin on, chicken breasts in  yogurt, lemon juice, herbs, garlic, etc., and let it marinate for over a day in the frig.  It picked up such great flavors.  It also helps that a while back I bought a really cheap (from China) digital thermometer, and I have been using it.  No more guesswork or dry chicken.  I made toasted orzo in chicken broth to go with the chicken.  The kid bugged me to buy fresh spinach for a recipe she wanted to make, garlic lemon spinach.  I ended up making that to round off the dinner, and it all came together perfect.

Tomorrow the kid is making smothered skirt steak.   It’s a recipe she found in one of my numerous cookbooks.  It’s an easy enough recipe that she can handle it.  I’m surprised that I never bothered to look for a recipe for skirt steak in my lifetime!  I either season it and cook it, or I make up a marinade for it and cook it.  Smart kid!  I’m looking forward to her dinner, especially since we don’t buy much beef anymore.  I hope she doesn’t make me clean up her mess… but if she needs me to, I’ll play sous chef and get her mise en place set up for her.


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