It’s been a long time since I can say that I was grateful for it to be Friday.  When you homeschool on your own, or are a stay at home parent, or both, it’s the same shit, different day… and if you’re lucky you can sleep late on some days.

All I wanted today was to sleep past 8 a.m.  I woke up at 7:15!  Bad sign of things to come #1.

The kid has her first meeting with the digital art teacher and class at noon.  At 12:30 she has a history class.  At 2 p.m. she has an orientation class with her advisor, who also (unfortunately!) happens to be the math teacher as well.

First thing to go wrong – the art teacher is not on time for class and starts late.  My daughter had already sent him a message to let him know she was leaving his class to make her next class by 12:30.  The kid was looking forward to this class.  When forced to only pick one elective, she chose this class over Spanish.

What was accomplished in art?  The teacher, the only male teacher the kid has for any class, did nothing but talk about himself.  He talked about all the classes he teaches, and how he sells his art.  He offered to teach the kids tips and tricks to make money selling their art later on in the school year.

The guy couldn’t get the class software to work right.  He couldn’t keep my kid’s attention – rather odd for an art class.  As I sat in my room, I could hear my daughter talking to, mumbling to, complaining to, and finally, yelling at the craptop!   Ten minutes of this and 2 warnings to the teacher from my daughter and another student that they had history and had to leave… my daughter asked me if she could leave the class FOREVER and get in Spanish instead.  My response?  “Sure, just say goodbye first, and I’ll see if you can get in Spanish.”

It’s pretty hard to turn my daughter off to you in 20 minutes.  It’s pretty hard to lose my daughter’s interest in anything pertaining to art.  Oh well – I wanted her in Spanish anyhow, and now she will be.

Next was Science.  That was fabulous!  The teacher was fabulous!  It was the first class where it was actually about the subject being taught!  I was in earshot for a bit to hear the teacher interact with the class.  Damn!  She’s good!  My daughter is so excited for history.  So am I!

Now we had some issues today we shouldn’t have had.  The language arts teacher still has not responded to my daughter’s email from over 2 days ago.  She paged her knowing she’d be online today.  Still no response.  The kid can’t get her assignments done that are due today, and the teacher isn’t available.  Okay… time to calm down and politely compose an email that let people know I was pissed and not putting up with this shit.  The kid also hasn’t heard back from the math teacher from over a day ago.  Luckily, I was able to do a process of elimination, and figure out what the assignment was and that was started.

I have since received a few apologetic emails from the school principal and liaison.  Still no emails from the teachers.  I tell them my kid is NOT doing the LA assignment since she can’t, and she had better not get her grade lowered for being late with the assignment.

My kid did part of her language arts assignment that she could do.   I have to say I’m proud of her.  She did a great job with no help from me.  I didn’t even know what she was doing, or that she had done it!

Now for the math.  I was in the kitchen making dinner and I hear this obnoxious cartoon sounding thing explaining what my kid needs to be doing and how.  WTF?  I sit down and watch it, and again, WTF?  My kid is so confused, it’s not funny.  I have a duh moment from over 40 years ago and remember what she’s being taught.  I remember how I was taught it and explain it to the kid.  She picked it up in seconds, and not only finished that part of the lesson, but took a quiz and made no errors!

We finally wrap up math for today at 6 and sit down for dinner together.  After some quality time and TV watching, I am in bed and ready to crap out.  The phone brings me back to earth.  It was the math teacher calling from Georgia – 2 hours later in her time zone.

I am impressed.  The teacher not only called to apologize for all the confusion this week, but also to apologize for not getting back to my kid, let alone in a timely fashion.  She told us to NOT do the math assignment for now if we don’t want to.  BUT if the kid gets the assignment done within the first quarter, the teacher will be marking it as an extra credit assignment and give my kid 100 on it, even if she has wrong answers.  She’s not going to check her answers!  Hell, yeah!

As for the LA teacher… still nothing from her and we remembered about her class after it had already ended, so the kid missed it – and quite frankly Scarlet, I don’t give a damn!  It’s a shame we can’t change teachers or advisors.  We’re stuck with this teacher and she is NOT going to be very happy having to deal with me this year.


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