Is this week over yet?

I just love waking up to have a few minutes of quiet time, only to wake up an obnoxious kid in need of a good bitch slap!  Why don’t kids shut up when you tell them to check their attitude?  No, let me argue with you and tell you I don’t have an attitude! Really?  Let me give you a good hard smack to remind you where you are and bring you back to reality.  Oh, if only I could actually do that on some days!  In the end, I calmed down in a few minutes and my daughter came in to apologize to me for her behavior.

Soooooo the math teacher showed up for orientation this morning.  She looks better now then she did in her posted picture.  It wasn’t the best orientation, but it wasn’t awful either… unless you ask my daughter.  I’ve temporarily changed my opinion of the math teacher for now.  She wouldn’t let the kids type in chat at all before class started.  She did let the kids talk on the microphone, and gave them webcam privileges too, at the end of the class.  It seems everyone has a dog.  When my daughter typed that she doesn’t have a dog, she has pet rats, not a single comment was made – not even the expected shriek or yuck.  Not one iota of anything having to do with math was covered.  It was just a general online class of let me annoy your child and confuse them even more with stuff they already know.

Halfway through the day and we FINALLY have the schedule figured out!  Thanks to the advisor, who I went back and forth via email with, who sent me a schedule for our correct time zone.  I think I finally confused her too – or she did it to herself.   She only screwed up one class – hers!  It’s very confusing to have teachers on the east coast and west coast when you’re in an entirely different time zone, and no one is posting the time of the class for your zone.  Two hours ahead, one hour back, and a step to the side, clap, turn, repeat!

Today’s asshole, besides myself, seems to be the digital arts teacher.  He put up a zip file with freeware for his class, when the craptops don’t have any software to unzip it – and it was very easy just to go to the website and download the freeware there.  On top of which, the craptops don’t have a CD drive, so I’ve been doing things on my desktop, transferring them to a flash drive, and transferring them over to the craptop!   So after “assuming” that my kid can unzip a file and install it, he then “assumes” that my kid can’t create 7 file folders and name them.  Really?  The zip file contained the freeware, which I downloaded directly off the web and installed, and 7 folders.  Each folder has 1 file in it – “Read Me.”  What does the read me file have to say?

 “This folder is a place to save the projects and assignments for this section.”

What are the names of the 7 folders? Section_1 is the first one, and Section_7 is the last one.  You can figure out what comes in between!

To end this fine day, we have the math placement/assessment testing.  First question and my kid is screwed already!  Convert the fraction.  I give her a quick reminder on how to convert it, without giving her the answer and she got it right – which for her is a mega big deal.  She is not good with that sort of stuff, and it confuses the crap out of her.    Next question is adding and subtracting decimals.  She looks at me and pulls out the calculator from under her scrap paper.  I just turned away and said “okay,” but reminded her that she won’t be able to pull that sort of thing on the annual state tests.   Turns out that the calculator didn’t get very much use.  She had linear math and algebra, and both of those we’ve yet to cover.  I know most of that was a guessing game for her.  But I have taught her to at least try and rule out the wrong answers and see if she can come up with a correct answer.  We’ll find out how she did eventually.

One thing I have learned about my visual learner – a calculator has taught her a lot.  She may not be a math whiz, or Speedy Gonzalez with an answer – but she has come so far over the years, and has advanced more than I imagined since we stopped using the K12 curriculum two years ago!  What can take one child 15 minutes to learn, can take my child years to learn.  Push her too hard and she will shut down entirely.  Luckily we haven’t had that problem in several years – since her paternal grandmother was involved in our lives.

The kid has reminded me that I bought some good link breakfast sausage that must be cooked today.  So I’m cooking that for dinner and making some pancakes to go with the sausage.  My favorite recipe is the Todd Wilbur/Top Secret Recipes’ IHOP buttermilk pancake clone recipe – and I make it with melted butter vs. oil.  I also use powdered buttermilk vs. liquid buttermilk.  The toughest choice of the night is going to be what syrup(s) are we in the mood for… IF the pancakes last long enough to get syrup poured on them!  Our bad habit it to eat them plain and warm as they come off the griddle.


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