School? Already? But… But… Oh, hell!

School started today in my world.   Waking up at 6:30 a.m. was not necessary or expected.  Dealing with idiots was not necessary either, nor did I expect some of them to be educators.

We’re trying a new online virtual school this year.  I’m tired of doing it all on my own.  I’m tired of figuring out and getting a curriculum, or supplementing a really bad one out of my pocket.  So a new school popped up in our state this year and I was impressed…

But maybe I shouldn’t have been so impressed.  Why?

  • The school is a first year virtual school in my state.
  • The last 2 weeks have involved getting a broken netbook.
  • Getting a new, and, working mini notebook.
  • Getting a correct pick up time from FedEx to return the broken netbook.
  • Finally sending back the broken netbook.
  • Deciphering a lot of stupid emails.
  • Responding to a lot of stupid emails.
  • Questioning my sanity.
  • Pondering if I made a big friggin’ mistake!
  • An excessive amount of eye rolling.
  • An abundance of WTFs and a ton of cursing.

I have spent several days trying to figure out the schedule for JUST this week.  Guess what?  It’s wrong!  What’s even worse is finally being able to log in today and again I’m trying to decipher a mess of a schedule.  My kid has 3 orientation classes scheduled back to back on Friday – one every 30 minutes.  Orientation classes run longer than 30 minutes, in general.  Parents were reassured that there would be no scheduling conflicts.  Can we say “Ooopsy!”?

I already don’t like the math teacher and I’ve had absolutely no contact with her.  Why?  The ditz posted a .docx file “assuming” that everyone would be able to open and read it.  Not me!  I had to read it on the school’s craptop.  What did I learn?  It was another schedule for this week and it is beyond wrong!  Plus, I had to play guess the day on when the class meets.  It was a process of elimination.  We figured out all the days the other teachers had classes and that left us with one free day, Tuesday.   If I’m wrong, so be it – my child will be in her online math class tomorrow.  Whether or not there’s a class, or the right teacher in that class… I don’t expect the ditz to be there.  I had to refrain from contacting this teacher cause it would be far from polite… and I’m doing my best to remain polite… so far.

The kid had language arts today and took a placement test.  The placement test glitched for her with constant pop ups of, “Are you there?”  Trooper that my daughter is, she got through the reading test today.  The language arts teacher seems nice.  She’s also the kid’s adviser and I had to email her already.  I like her.  She has a few clues about life and reality and has no problem if my kid needs to miss the weekly advisement class to be at her volunteer work.  She agrees with how I feel about it – it’s important for teens to do some sort of volunteer work.  Unfortunately we can’t change the time of the volunteer work, or it wouldn’t be an issue.

Tomorrow we tackle the math placement test.  I hope they have fixed the glitches on the testing site.

I’m going to end this with saying that I’m still not 100% sure of this week’s schedule and I quite frankly don’t give a damn!


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